Introduction to Power BI

About this Course

The course focuses on learning Power BI and analytics principles to get actionable insights from your data, in order to to accelerate your career path or to become more efficient and effective in your current role.

During this two-hour course, you will receive comprehensive yet simple to follow hands on introduction to our main enterprise wide analytics and reporting tool, Power BI. We will focus on data import, data manipulation, and information presentation.

Whether you are part of a team or working individually, this course will give you the knowledge of Power BI needed to make useful contributions.

After your completion of the course, you will be able to pull data from different sources (small and large datasets), clean and manipulate data more efficiently, automate repetitive data manipulation processes, and use rich visualization libraries to deliver your findings as reports and dashboards, all from within the Power BI platform. Consider it as your analysis swiss-knife in the Analytics toolbox.

What You’ll Learn in this Course

You will learn about data sources, data wrangling, the art of getting your data into Power BI, modeling data into a useful form for either further analysis and/or visualization. Data wrangling is very important and time consuming: without it you cannot work with your own data! There are four main parts to data wrangling which we will cover in detail:

  • Import
  • Clean
  • Transform
  • Present

Course Outline

This course will consist of initial instruction and a full length demo that will walkthrough the process of loading a dataset into Power BI, performing basic data modeling, visualizing the data, publishing a Power BI report, introduce the Power BI Service environment, create a Power BI dashboard, and share report and dashboard created.  


This is a beginning level Data Academy course so that only prerequisite for the class is to read the Microsoft Power BI Gettings Started Guided Learning

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