Data Academy

The Data Academy Initiative is a training program for City of Virginia Beach employees. The program encourages employees to explore, refine, and enhance skills in data use, data management and process improvement, while promoting data literacy.

Introduction to Power BI

This course is designed to give you a strong foundation in Power BI and a jump-start on your 1st Power BI project. Power BI is a powerful, low-cost program that focuses on the entire business intelligence chain: from data wrangling to visualizing to sharing to automation.

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DAX: Adding More to Your Report

This is the second course in the Power BI series which focuses on learning DAX principles in order to create new information from data already in your model. After your completion of the course, you will be able to get the most out of your data.

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Data Usability

Basic data design choices can make the difference between simple analysis and hours of frustration. This classroom based workshop will go over how to make certain dataset design decisions that will make your reporting life much easier, hopefully reducing repetitive asks for data and interpretation.

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Introduction to R

In this introductory class, participants will learn practical skills necessary for reading data into R from external sources, manipulating the data, and visualizing it. The course will also cover other basic programming concepts as they are implemented in R.

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